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Great Lakes Gypsy

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The purpose of this endeavor is to share with you these places, so that perhaps your experience in our beautiful northern Michigan will be more memorable than ever.
I will give histories, stories, and tell the old names of places I go to help you understand more deeply the people who have been here longest, and who still reside here.

There are threats to our sacred lands and waters happening right now, and I will have a page to help you take action to protect these lands and waters from predatory capitalist endeavors that give no thought to what we have and value here. It is not easy to live here year round, and the people who do, choose to do so because they are deeply connected to the beauty of this place.

Please, as you visit, do your part, no matter how small, to RESPECT and HONOR these beautiful places, and to preserve them for your children and grandchildren for generations!

I hope you enjoy my explorations and I hope you are inspired to do your own exploring!
Great Lakes Gypsy

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